We shall, from time to time, post reviews on this site, whether of books, music, whatever. More on that to come. Incidentally, as we are associated with Arachis Press, we will not review anything from from that publisher or its authors.

We rate books (and pretty much anything else) on a six-tiered ranking, with a system of five stars:

Five Stars for ‘Great’ — and there are few indeed that reach this.

Four Stars for ‘Very Good’ — seek them out.

Three for ‘Good’ — we do recommend these as worth ones while.

Two for ‘So-so’ — we are neutral on our recommendation for these. Take them or leave them.

One Star for ‘Not Recommended’ — a waste of time, but not necessarily awful.

and finally No Stars for ‘Avoid This Crap.’



The Pioneers


Hell and Heroes Vol 1

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